Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sat 11th Sept

I made it to the Turf bar to watch the Bledisloe - feeling like crap so have dosed up on Lemsip and antibiotics. I'm really glad I'm at the pub - its nice to have a final curry and cider with a few friends before heading off on my 1st major solo trip for 8 years - am a bit nervous to say the least.

The rugby was a bit shonky in the 1st half - looked like the aussies were going to steal the show, but the Kiwi's decided to turn up in the last 20 minutes and gave the aussies a lesson.

Ok, 10:30 can't delay any longer, collect all my backpacks and belongings and head off to the airport on the bus. Before I drop my bags off, I have to try and stuff the purple nasty, my trekking pole and my sleeping bag into the big protective shell bag - after a bit of juggling its all in and strapped up and I head to the bag drop off queue. 

My backpack and gear weighs in at 17.5kg - not good, it means I'm going to have to trim something for going up the mountain as am only allowed 12kg - we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Bugger had my bottle of moisturiser confiscated at customs - its more than 100ml - damn it was a new bottle too, need some for the plane. Trouble is most of the shops are shut - its after 11, fortunately one of the souvenir shops is still open - apparently lanolin cream is a souvenir item! never mind it should do the trick for the next 24 hours.

all the club lounges are shut as well so I manage to find a row of 4 seats in a slightly darker spot in the departure lounge and get some sleep for a few hours - am exhausted already and I haven't even got on the plane!

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