Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sun 12th Sept - Nairobi Hotel...eventually

Ok, I happened to notice some Europcar rental people holding up a sign with someones name on it (not mine!) - on the back of the sign it had the Peregrine logo - so I went and showed the chap all my documents that said I was supposed to be met and transferred, trouble is he knows nothing about it. At least he then went to his mates at the Europcar desk and after ringing about 10 of the 12 contact numbers finally managed to get hold of a Peregrine rep who told them to take me to the hotel

When I get to the hotel, the driver wants a tip - forgot about that bit, you have to tip for everything in Kenya! $5 USD was not enough so I gave the driver $10.

Check in - interesting - there's 3 people behind the desk doing nothing, there are people behind me waiting to check in and the guy who is checking me in disappeared about 5 minutes ago with my passport....

Finally after about 10minutes I'm checked in and have a key, but when I asked if there were other people from Peregrine here, nobody seems to know anything - great

So I'm strung out tired, sick, don't know if there is anyone from my group here, the hotel don't know anything about a peregrine group being here, I have no idea if there is a briefing tonight, I don't know if or what time the bus to Tanzania arrives tomorrow - frigging amateur hour - feeling very small and alone - not impressed so far with Kenya, or Peregrine

I want to cry.

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