Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sun 12th Sept (still) - more Dubai airport

Doh! didn't bring my travel towel - had to dry off using paper hand towels - interesting concept! do feel a bit better tho next stop I'll try and get into the British Airways lounge....

bugger, its closed.

ok have an hour to go, what now? I think food would be a good idea.

aaahhh....nachos and a cider...does it get any better than that? I think I just paid $40 for that meal, but its was sooo worth it - comfy armchair, sport on the big screen....can I just stay here? 
My row buddy from the last leg was full of joyous stories about Nairobi airport - so basically I shouldn't let anyone come within 10ft of me...hmm... thats going to be rather difficult - will be interesting to see if my south american travel smarts have been dulled by a decade of soft travel in UK, US and Australia...
am even more worried now - I really really hope the Peregrine people are there to meet me...

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