Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mon 13th Sept - Hotel at last!

We finally got to our hotel about 4:30 - what a long drive!
and what a really nice hotel..unfortunately the power was out and the hotel reception didn't seem to be expecting us!
What was really weird was we were greeted by a waiter with a tray of 4 glasses of orange juice - there were supposed to be 4 of us originally - so how did the waiter know we were due but the reception staff had no clue?
So after much explaining and showing the itinerary and documents we eventually got allocated our rooms. lovely rooms very modern, big tv's, comfy bed and apparently on a clear day we could see Kilimanjaro from the balcony - except that it was raining and cloudy! Its hard to believe that I'm in Africa, everything is so tropical and lush.

So again there is no sign of anyone from Peregrine - we're supposed to meet our guide and find out the plan - so Ian leaves a list of phone numbers with reception for them to try and find out what time we will meet our guide.
I go for a wander around the hotel, well there's no power so I can't have a bath (huge bath in the bathroom!! yay!) and in one conference there is another big group getting their pre trek briefing - they are from Exodus in the UK and look to be super organised - everyone seems to have bits of paper and pens in front of them and maps and diagrams - very military operation!

Dinner isn't until 7 so I decide to have a quick nap - but just as i got into bed the phone rang - its reception, we're finally going to meet our guide.

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