Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mon 13th Sept - Pre Trek Briefing

Well we've just had our pre trek briefing with Vincent who is our head guide - not the chattiest of people - not usre yet if its a language thing or he's shy, but it seems every time one of us asked a question, he just nodded and smiled...bit odd really....
anyway I've now met most of the group - there's me (obviously!), Ian (43) from Melbourne, Fritz (75!!!) from Sydney, Sarah (36) from Sydney and Louise (39) from Manchester and Heather from Canada still hasn't arrived. It turns out we've all done the Inca Trail and Sarah has also been to Everest base camp so all of us have some trek experience which is good.
We can take 20kg in our kitbags, which is a relief because all the doco said 12kg and my entire backpack weighed 17kg - so I wont have to leave anything behind with is good because apparently it'll be about -15C at the top, so I definitely want all my warm layers with me!
We leave tomorrow at 9:30 (luxury!) to drive to the Rongai gate where we meet all our porters and crew, then we have lunch and start walking after lunch!! Luxury - I don't think I've ever started a trek after lunch!

Off for some dinner - am starving as haven't all day, we didn't stop for lunch on the drive!

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