Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mon 13th Sept - Tanzania impressions

After immigration, it was back onto the bus for more bone shaking....and sleep! I must be seriously knackered!

Bizarrely enough what woke me up was the lack of bumping and being thrown around...

The countryside has completely changed, we're heading towards Arusha - no idea where that is in relation to anything - but we're driving past Mt Meru which at 15000+ ft high appears to be high enough to have an influence on the climate - it is very hot, and it obviously rains a fair bit as there are banana plantations everywhere, and its very green - totally different from the dry dustiness of Kenya and masai country. There's so much to take in - the countryside, people going about their business, the contrasting buildings - everything from shiny glass hotels to mud huts, people carrying stuff on their heads, market stalls piled high with wonderful looking fruit and vegetables, corn being dried on mats by the road, the dodgiest looking scaffolding on buildings you've ever seen - no health and softy rules here!
the funniest thing I think has to be the furniture shops - Ikea Africa style seems to involve huge oversized overstuffed leather chairs and sofas - trying to imagine people owning them and living in mud huts just seems too bizarre for words!
its probably easiest to include some photos - it will tell the story so much better!
Freedom Furniture!

drying corn

fruit stall

fruit stall


Health and Softy

Health and Softy

Yikes - a hotel!

Macca's - Africa style


Street sellers

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